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4.Ion Dissonance
7.Iris Dement
8.Iron Butterfly
9.Iron Fire
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Kasabian > Albums & Lyrics

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Kasabian Album
  1. Butcher Blues
  2. Club Foot
  3. Cutt Off
  4. I.D.
  5. Lsf
  6. Orange (Interlude)
  7. Ovary Stripe
  8. Pinch Roller (Interlude)
  9. Processed Beats
  10. Reason Is Treason
  11. Running Battle
  12. U.Boat
KASABIAN are a new rock'n'roll group.

Kasabian are a proper gang, living together in one room of a remote old farmhouse surrounded by records - Neu, The Who, Super Furries, Blackalicious, DJ Shadow, Primals, Beatles, Boards Of Canada - Playstations, and general madness. Here they organise infamous gigs & parties…

'Processed Beats' is all Johnny Rotten style vocals, rocking guitars and evil keyboards harnessed to heavy beats & bass.

Kasabian are currently in the studio recording their debut album with Jim Abyss (Unkle,DJ Shadow,The Music). 'Processed Beats' will be released on highly limited 10" vinyl on October 27th. The 10" comes wrapped in a flag of the group's enigmatic logo.

Having already gigged with Electric Six and The Cooper Temple Clause Kasabian will be touring with The Cooper Temple Clause in November.

Before then the band will be out playing solo shows, the first of these are confirmed as follows with more to be confirmed shortly.


KASABIAN are true stars; funny, articulate & passionate about what they believe in. In a time of faceless plastic pop and lightweight indie jangle its refreshing to hear an album that is so unique, complex, and different from anything else around. KASABIAN's eponymous debut album is a multi-layered blend of full-on rock'n'roll, dark electronics, widescreen atmospherics, hard hip-hop beats, acid house euphoria, and terrace chant catchiness. No surprise since they grew up during the height of the hardcore rave scene and Oasis, and are well into their football, being longtime fans of Leicester City. KASABIAN released their debut album KASABIAN on 6th Sept. It features their Top 20 hit, Club Foot, and new versions of it’s limited edition predecessors, Reason Is Treason and L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever), as well as upcoming single Processed Beats (out 11 Oct). Catch them after their V and Reading/Leeds Festival appearances on these headline shows.

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